I recently picked up an old Aria Pro II Les Paul style guitar at an antique store. It's dark green with a flamed maple-looking top and all gold hardware and pickups. Here's the issue, I've looked all over the internet and can't seem to find anything with the same finish/colors, and I can't find a serial number on the thing. I'd like to at least figure out how old it is, can anyone help me out?
Have you checked the back of the headstock or in the back control cavity? Also, if it's a bolt on neck it might be in the neck pocket
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Aria started using serial numbers in the mid-1970s, and models before
this have no serial number. Several different schemes have been used
for serialization.
Guitars built between 1979 and 1987 may use either
one of these formats:
YNNNNN or YYNNNNNN. The first one or two
digits indicate the year. A 79XXXXX would be a 1979 and a 2XXXXXX would be a 1982.

Some models built in Korea may use a year and week code for the first four digits.
Serial numbers after 1987 are unknown at this point. Keep in mind
that several
variations have been used and anything is quite possible.
(Source: Michael Wright/Aria)
Thanks guys :-) I just tore it apart and checked everywhere, no sign of a serial number anywhere. Which leads me to believe this guitar's pretty damn old and may be worth something. Either way for an old jap guitar it sounds amazing and plays better than the 2009 Ibanez I recently sold!