Here's 3 pictures of my amp... How do I put some wheels on so it'll be easy to transport? I've had this amp for a whole year & a half and I haven't found a helpful answer yet

Front of amp:

Bottom of amp:

Bottom (CLOSE UP)
find out all the dimensions of the wood of your combo including thickness. Find out how thick the screw holes are that are in the wood now in diameter and rough length. Find a caster to fit that whole. Buy 4 of them. Replace the 'feet' you have now with the new casters?

kinda guessing

any help in this link?

v....good idea. i agree.
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Honestly I'd go with a non-permanent solution. Either use one of those wooden square pallets with casters on the bottom (those are used for moving) or do what I do and buy a little folding dolly from Wal-Mart. Mine cost about 20 bucks and folds flat when I'm not using it. I just stick my amp on there, strap it down with a ratcheting tie-down strap, and roll it to wherever I'm going. Works great and I didn't have to modify the amp in any way.
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buy four casters and just throw four 3/4" drywall screws in on each caster. four of them anchoring the caster is enough that you dont need to go bast the wood on the surface. it shouldn't be a big deal at all. i will be doing this to my orange PPC when i get a few minutes.
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