When I play guitar, I have my own style. I enjoy playing whatever comes to mind. When I'm plugged in, I can easily create a core/tech riff on the spot.

I watch videos of local bands doing acoustic sessions, even videos on MoBoogie (They have acoustic sessions by larger bands/solo artists - http://moboogie.com/videos/2932?sort=latest&search&s=&g=&u=&c=&b=&vlp=0&moboog=0 ).

I can't develop a style like so without easily ripping off another song and calling it my own. I have no problem writing lyrics, but I was wondering if anyone had advice for acoustic creations like so. It's hard to explain, so I'm for the most part pulling this out of my ass.

I'm not positive if it's my lack of concentration/patience, lack of creativity, or tuning. I always play acoustic in standard, but when converting a punk song (as in Hot Water Music) to acoustic, it sounds horribly upbeated-ly off.

Any help/advice would be extremely appreciated, thank you in advance!
- Michael
It's a passion,
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I was never really good at acoustic 'til I started thinking of them as Hendrix did. (Though, for me, it's just coincidental that Hendrix did the same thing, albeit differently.) For example, if you want a section with Dmaj chord, you can add in color notes and pick it different ways. By color notes, I mean notes like the 4th, 9th, 6th, b7th, 7th, etc. So, basically, add extra tones to make it sound more colorful.

Edit: You could always grab a few books on classical guitar if you want.
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Tune your guitar down half a step is the most simple thing you can do, don't necessarily palm mute but single out some strings that take the ring of of chords, higher notes, octaves etc

I'm sure other people will be able to help much more, but I thought any input no matter how simple may be of use.
Listen to more styles of acoustic music. Hit up Rodrigo y Gabriela, or check out Gypsy Jazz. Classical is never bad to get into either.