Not sure where else to put this. Anyways, saw a picture of PG online, didn't like the guitar in it so I swapped it out for his PGM 300. There's also another version with pretty much all the album covers of the albums he was involved on it. Thought I'd share it with the community for those PG fans out there. Enjoy!

Just realized that photobucket only put the image size to 800x535? Something like that. So here's a zip file that has all 5 pictures in 3587x2400 resolution. Enjoy.
Download Link (Click Here)

Guitar Change Tone I
Guitar Change Tone II
Guitar Change Tone III
Guitar Change w/ Albums
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...
Gilbert Gottfried wallpaper
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paul gilbert deserves all the praise in the world
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Gilbert Gottfried wallpaper

...im using this.
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Guys, this Paul Gilbert died:

i nearly had a heart attack damn the pit.
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That came out really well, nice work
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i nearly had a heart attack damn the pit.

Yeah, someone a year or so ago had in their sig "R.I.P Paul Gilbert" with a URL to that wiki page stated as a "source", I nearly died right there til I saw it was the actor.
Thanks for the comments, glad you guys like it. That Gottfried wallpaper is badass no lie.
And if PG actually did die I would lose faith in the world. He's too good to die.
Really nice picture and photoshoping. I'm using it . And also, at that actor thing, I read his wikipedia article yesterday but I still fell for that. Man, you scared me half to death
Hmm....this gives me an idea! We should have an 'Ultimate Wallpaper Thread' in The Pit

Good idea?
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Hmm....this gives me an idea! We should have an 'Ultimate Wallpaper Thread' in The Pit

Good idea?

Please, someone do this.
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