Planning on getting this.

I always wanted some kind of ESP EX. What do you guys think of this guitar? I want to use it for metal music.

I never used a battery pickup before. It takes a 9 volt right? Does it have a small compartment on the guitar where you put it in? Does it really sound that much better for metal music?
Me personally, I dont like the look of the LTD EX series. I prefer the classic explorers.

i hear the epiphone explorers are quit nice.
Yea, there is a compartment with some kind of little "door" to store the battery in
Yep, it'll have a compartment on the back of the guitar for the 9 volt. I've actually been interested in getting these myself, only in the natural wood finish.
Nice, how long does the battery last? Should I take it out when not playing?
The Battery will last quite a while and will only be draining when you have the input jack plugged in. Ive got a F-104 bass and a Mh-400 and i think ive changed batteries about 3 times total in 3 years.

The only thing is when you play gigs or something important (Which you should do with all your gear to make sure) Chuck a new battery in to ensure it doesnt die mid song.

And the active EMG's do well for metal being much hotter pickups than passive pickups.
So awesome. I can't find an ESP EX case on guitar center. Can someone help me out to find one cheap?