Singer wanted for a band in Galashiels. We play a mixture of covers from AC/DC through Oasis to the Osmonds (nothing overly heavy) in a relaxed atmosphere, with all of us happy to take each others suggestions.

At the minute the band consists of a Drummer, Rhythm Guitarist, Lead Guitarist who have been playing together for 3 years and a Bassist who has recently joined. We currently don't gig but theres scope for that in the future. We also don't play any original material as its only for fun. We practice in the drummers garage, which is spacious enough to allow plenty room for the 4 current members of the band plus all our gear with plenty space left for a singer. We have our own PA system already in the garage so that would not be a requirement but bringing your own mic/ mic stand would be handy. We usually practice once a week on varying nights (depends on work patterns, Often on a Friday evening) but this may be tied down to a specific night/day eventually.

So if you’re a singer who’s interested in joining a band that enjoys a good laugh and playing good tunes in a relaxed atmosphere send mesasge below for further info etc.