I'm putting together a pedalboard and I'm currently using 2 Boss power supplies with daisy chains which suck because it doesn't reach the entire length of my pedalboard.

What's the deal with DC power bricks like the Dunlop DC Brick? Do you need to buy a number shorter power leads for them like you do with patch leads? Do you need separate leads going from the DC Brick to each effect? Can someone please help me out here?

Thanks in advance
i use a voodoo lab, the power leads to that are ~10 to 12 inches. i run the power supply on the middle top of the board and has plenty of reach. my power supply came with quite a handful of leads for different power needs.

here is a pic for reference

the pedal board on the right is the one i was talking about. i now run a deja vibe off the board and the power supply leads even reach that. fyi, the board on the left has another voodoo labs mounted on the bottom, but it is a bigger board and has a bit of a problem reaching the farthest edges.
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My DC Brick has 7 outputs for 9v and 3 for 18v. It comes with enough leads for each output (they are 24" long on mine), plus it comes with 3 "old style" jacks (ala Tube Screamer) so you don't need the adapter patch. So, yes, you use a separate lead from each terminal on the brick to each pedal/effect.
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