I own an Ibanez ART120 and yesterday it started "to die". I makes a sound similar to the one when you torn on the TV on a non frequency associated chanel, it sound like BUZZZZZZZZ...

I posted a video on YouTube so you can hear it better:
I really need help...

probably something in the electronics- check if all of the wires are attached
That is a strange sound, never heard that before.

Are you sure it isn't the amp?
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grounding issue, open up the guitar and check the wiring

to distinguish as to what is causing the buzz try another guitar into your amp(borrow a friends if you don`t have a 2nd guitar)

try your guitar into another amp (borrow a friends or blag the rep at the store)

try a different cable (they`re cheap enough and you should always have a backup)

from each scenario you`ll be able to isolate the cause to whether it`s guitar, amp or any thing in between

post back with the result we can then guide you on the best fix.