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Only minor stuff, had to have some tooth fragments removed from my gum
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I had to have some pins in my back to take the weight off my broken spine, and I had them out this summer after it fixed itself.

Waking up after is cool, the stuff they pump into you...
I've had a colonoscopy, I hear they're pretty bad but I can't remember what it was like.

Anyone know what they're like? I wasn't pissed or anything when I had it, I was one at the time.
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I've had two surgeries. One was to get my deviated septum corrected, as well as to reduce some of the turbinate bones in my nose to help my sinuses drain more easily, and to also remove some polyps that were in my frontal sinuses. The other one was getting my wisdom teeth removed.
I've had two surgeries on my eyes and my wisdom teeth removed last year.
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Big stuff here...almost died when I was 4 (because they ****ed it up and cut something they shouldn't). Long story with no ''make it short'' option. had a few surgeries 2 years ago...should have more but I don't want to cause I think 5 major surgeries is enough. It's about the same thing tho. I can't eat without drinking to literary wash the food into my stomach. b4 the first surgery neither this was an option. so yeah...****ing luckers those who had none.
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They put a pin through my knee to stabilise a complicated femur fracture when I was three years old.
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Nope. The only time I was hospitalized was because of my broken collar bone -- 10 years ago!
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I have had dental surgery before...
And something I'd like to keep private.
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Had to have metal re-enforcements put into my arm/wrist after a bad break. Surgery itself was fine, the waiting around sucked
Super pubic catheter

Google it.

Suprapubic is the more common term I think.
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I had my ankle re-located, and my bones re set in sugery when I dislocated my ankle and broke all the bones in my lower leg.
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nope, im healthy

You can be healthy and still need surgery
I have indeed. Operation on both my eyes when I was about 7 or so. Can't remember much about it, but it was to fix my double vision, which, even though it's not as bad, I still have 9 years on.
Technically, yes. I had oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. They had to knock me out. They went into the bone to remove the lower two, so yeah, it was surgery.
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I have had dental surgery before...
And something I'd like to keep private.

Breast enlargement?
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Yep, dental surgery. They had to really rip my gums and jaw about to extract a tumor from my mouth a few years back. It was actually pretty weird because the tumor looked and seemed to me to just be another tooth.
Just from getting my wisdom teeth removed. Nothing big.
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Breast enlargement?

I was thinking along the lines of penis enlargement or sex change.
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I haven't actually had surgery, but I was knocked out for a while so the doctors could straighten out my broken arm, which at the time was bent in a pretty unnatural angle. It went pretty smoothly, though.
In '97 I had a quad by-pass so that was break my ribs, heart-lung machine, strip the big vein out of my leg, cut & paste so spare arteries around my heart and sew it all back up. Great fun!
2009 the by-pass failed and I had 6 stents put in the original left artery. No anasthetic.
2010 I have had cataract replacement done on both eyes. First one with only local anasthetic so I could kind of see them cutting into my eye and sucking the lens out, then pushing the replacement back. Joy! That surgeon decided the other eye would be better done under a general anasthetic. Both were done in day-surgery visits.
Long ago I had a testicular pollip removed under a local anasthetic, which caused all the female student nurses and doctors to come and look at the problem. I was a hero for opting to have my 'bits' cut into while conscious. No big deal.
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Sounds even more painful than a regular catheter

It wasn't that painful, just weird. Having tubes sticking out of me right above my penis. I still have some scars from it too.

The worst was a ball tipped catheter I got in the hospital when my kidneys almost failed. Now that hurt.
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Why would you spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn about a language you already speak? It was over before it even started dude

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