Hey everyone!

Here's My latest song Its called 9th before 10th, it has a middle eastern vibe and I also have a singer thats going to be doing lyrics in Hebrew to further compliment that theme. Its the intro to a cd were working on and will have a second part that should be recorded sometime soon lemme know what you think! C4C!


Just finished recording the second part of this song its called 10th
you can check it out here: http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=9963136

There will be an interlude between 9th before 10th and this song were working out the vocals now and I'm still deciding how the interlude will go but heres the general idea of how the second part will go
hope ya like it!
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it seems to be copied from 'she comes in colours' of Nevermore...it seems very similar to that song...
hmmm interesting i've never heard that or anything else by them

Edit: after listening to it on youtube yeah i guess i see where your coming from it was purely coincidental tho cuz i'd never heard of them before today lol
awesome love it, really nice work, not much i can say bad about it. apart form that after the quite part you should have gone back into the heavy riff again cuz it pwns
For what this was (seemed to be an incomplete song since it's so short) this was really good and would REALLY benifit from some good hard edged vocals. The ambience guitars behind the rhthym are so damn moody, lol. Mixing was awesome overall.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1385539
There's more then 1 song in there, so feel free (should you crit) to crit 1 or all of them.
If I could suggest one it'd be song #3

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Cool thanks for listening actually it's an intro track to a cd I'm working on,which is why it's so short lol, I actually have a girl that's going to sing in Hebrew to complete the middle eastern vibe then I'll post an update thanks for the crit. I'll check your stuff out too!
Great songwriting and riffing!! Loving the grooves.

The overall mix is pretty good, but the individual sounds can be improved. The rhythm guitars are a bit too gainy for my taste (but still very good!) and the snare sounds a bit off. Clean guitars and lead guitars are great! Loving the exotic instruments and ambience!

Just listened to the second song and the sound is quite a bit better, imo! Good job.

Very good job! Keep up the good work
Every once in a while it sounds a bit discordant on the intro, but the guitar playing is very tight. Drums & guitar tone(s) are very good. It's not too long; I wouldn't complain if it had some good non-screamo vocals & could easily be longer if it did have vocals. Very good audio quality, good recording! Please review my music at this link: