So, hello guitar players!
I will try to explain my problem.

Well, now I am using Boss GT-8. It have many effects which I need, but distortion isn't very well. Also that processor don't sound in the right way on different amps - when I tweak right effects at home then they don't sound good in performances. And that is the reason to change processor with single pedals.

What I plan to do? Now I have MXR distortion III which has sound i need, Boss DS-1 and Hardwire DL-8 and I think about buying pedalboard Boss bcb-60. In that case I would have only 3 free spaces for pedals in pedalboard. And there starts my problem...
I often use flanger, pharser, chorus, vibrato, octaver and sometimes whammy. Now I search for multi fx single pedal which would have at least some effects which I named. I found out Behringer FX600, but as read in net it isn't very well.
So, what you would recomend me to do? Buy FX-600, or there is other alternatives? I am open to hear different opinions.
I dont have much knowledge in Fx pedals, but i wouldn't get the behringer, i do not know anyone who uses them, and have never seen anyone on UG, let alone a live pro or local gig.

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hmm, Marshall Regenerator seems to be nice one, but maybe someone know other alternatives to check?
I tried to use distortion in Boss gt-8 loop, but it changes the overall sound with its own EQ, and as I said - one different amp it sounds different.
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Why not keep the GT-8 and put distortion pedals in the loop?

That's what works for me with my POD XT Live. Distortion, fuzz, chorus/echo and 10 band eq all assist it with the results I wanted.
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maybe i am an idiot, but it seems to imposible to me to add distortion in gt-8 loop without cutting frequencies, and in the end sounds is absolutley unenjoyable :/
seems that gt-8 have its own global EQ which makes my tone bad. Also there are many other tweakable parametrs in gt-8 like input level, output level, outputlevel knob in the back of processor... And if after hours of tweaking at home it sounds allmost well to me, then on other amp it sounds crappy. It is matter of chance, and i am tired of that, so thats why I want to leave boss gt-8 and move to pedals. but there also is problem - i use a plenty of effects, but space in pedalboard is limited
Any ideas?
build your own pedal board. i have made two different ones, and current one is perfect.

i took a piece of 3/4" plywood and cut it the size for my pedals, cut two pieces the length of the long edges, and two pieces the length of the short edges minus 3", with those last pieces all being 1 1/2" wide. screw outer boards on bottom. cover with durable covering, and you are good to go.

here is my pedal board.

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