I'm not as familiar with hooking up cabinets and ohms and what not as I should be so I need some help and/or suggestions. The more basic and descriptive the details the better.

I have a Jet City JCA 50H. It's got one 16 ohm output, two 8 ohm outputs (and says class 2 wiring under it) and two 4 ohm outputs on the back.

My cabinet is an old Ampeg 80's model 4x12 with 16 ohm eminence speakers that sounds fabulous but I'm not sure the optimal way to run this. On the Ampeg there is a switch and three choices. 16 ohm mono, 4 ohm mono and 8 ohm stereo (which of course includes a right and left input).

Is 16 ohm to 16 ohm the best way to run this? Can I run two cables from the two 8 ohm mono inputs on the amp head to the two 8 ohm inputs on the cabinet? Will it be safe? Will it be stereo?

I also have a fender 4/12 that says it's 8 ohm. Can I run the head with this cabinet and if yes how would I set it up.

Thanks in advance!
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You could run the Ampeg 4x12 from 16 ohm to 16 ohm with no problems. Verify the wattage handling on the cab just to be safe, but I'm pretty sure it has more than enough.
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