I want a really good quality guitar cable, which doesn't have any buzz in it because that really pisses me off. So what cables can you recommend?

I'm looking for it to be about 10-15 foot.
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i forget what brand mine is but i highly recommend tweed cables... unlike rubber they dont really form to a shape so they are always so easy to wrap and they dont really get caught on anything.
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I'd recommend Mogami. They're expensive but I've had it for like 4 years so far and never had a problem. I've had two Monster cables die on me within 2 weeks after getting them, so I'm not really a Monster fan. My vote goes to Mogami
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I've had my monsters for 2 years and no problems. They're guaranteed for life, what more could you want?
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I think my preferred combination would be Mogami cable with Neutrik plugs.
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I think I'll get a Mogami. They look excellent and are cheaper than Monsters. Thanks guys
dude, if you just go to any music shop, and ask 'gimma a good cable with length 'x'', im pretty sure you cant go wrong. at least i havent encountered any problems so far with this 'tactic'.
yeah i can't forsee any problems whatsoever with that tactic.

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