I want to upgrade my RG120 to locking tuners, so I can dive bomb without fear. I have yet to find any online that will fit, as they have 6 mm posts, and a hex nut on the string side to hold the tuner on the headstock (there are no screws to hold the tuner to the back of the headstock).

Can anyone show me link to locking tuners that will work? Most appreciated.
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I think you are very confused.

If you have locking tuners, that doesn't mean you can dive-bomb without the guitar going out of tune. Also, what do you mean by "tuner"? Do you mean the nut? If you have a locking nut, you wouldn't need locking tuners in the first place.

If you can dive bomb, you have a locking nut. If you go madly outta tube when you use the trem then you need to get your floyd setup correctly.
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What I call tuners, or tuning keys, are the 6 knobs on the headstock that you use to tune each string to the correct pitch. I currently don't dive bomb because I have standard tuners/tuning keys, and a standard (non-locking) nut. I also do not have a FR trem, it is an Ibby.

I was thinking that with locking tuners, that would help the strings stay in tune when using the trem. And it avoids having to install a locking nut (which robs you of tone)...
Pain is temporary. Stupid is forever. - Some really friggin' smart dead dude
Locking tuners don't give you the same tuning stability as a locking nut. That's because with locking tuners, you'd still have a regular nut which the strings have contact with. If you use the trem, the strings move in their nut-slots a little and because of friction they may not return to their default position after you let go of the trem. That leads to a messed up tuning.

For really hefty trem abuse, nothing short of a locking nut will do. I am not familiar with the trem on the RG120, so I can't say anything about that.
Locking tuners are not going to bet that much more effective than a properly strung guitar.....locking tuners would just be a waste.....if you wanna use a trem and stay in tune....save toward a guitar with a double locking trem.
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I kinda figured that without replacing the nut too, I might want to save up for a double locking trem system. I appreciate the input.
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