I made too many lefts and not enough rights, Be treated mean and The Amps Surf Green....if ya had to know. (SRV) Anyways i did a little research and found that the the amp is 15 Watts into 8 Ohms. Now i have a MArshall 1960 Lead B Cabinet "PWR RMS :300 watt, Impedence Mono :16 ohm/4ohm, Stereo 8 ohm."
I was hoping to maybe use both or just the Marshall Cab ie just use a cable to connect the Amp to the Cab via guitar cable.
My questions are:

1)Will the (low) 15 watt Amp head Damage the Cabinet?
2)Would you recommend using a better source of connection ie a thicker cable. please make suggestions.
3) Will the Cabinet be damaged using only one input on the stereo setting.

Thanx alot
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I'm not sure how you'd go about using the blues junior's speaker aswell as the cab(if thats what you want).
But using that amp with that cab is fine(wont damage anything), as long as you match impedences and use a speaker cable, not an instrument cable or another cable you have lying around.
As far as i know, to use the stereo setting, you'd need 2 amps and stereo speaker cables, I'm unsure whether it'd cause any damage to use the one input of the stereo bt on its own.
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