I need:
1. A new audio interface for my home recordings (only 1-2 tracks at a time, mostly direct guitar recording)
2. A little mixer with effects because I sing in a band

The audio interfaces I was interested in were ca. 170EUR (M-Audio Fast Track Pro, Line6 UX2, Presonus Firebox) and mixers with on-board effects start at 85EUR (Behringer 1002FX).

Then I found the Behringer X1222USB - it has tons of inputs (at least for me - and I highly doubt many inputs will hurt), on-board effects and it has a built-in audio interface (stereo-only, but I can use whichever inputs I want and). The best part is, it's only 200EUR and, which is even more surprising, the Xenyx series gets great reviews. I usually stay away from Behringer, but this looks pretty awesome. Will the X1222USB give me the sound quality of "normal" audio interfaces?

Any experiences? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!
Ive not tried the new usb mixers from them but their analog ones are...ok, not great.
They sound fair but tend to break down easily.
the quality control department on Behringer seems to be very poor,
Also, I don't know it it only sends the master mix bus out or keeps each track separate.

If it mixes down, you won't have great recordings when tracking a live band on stage as usually the bass and vocals are too loud.
Ideally, you'll want a PreSonus StudioLive mixer or the Mackie Firewire mixers. Both of which have separate outs for each input. These two products are quite expensive though...
Behringer is hit or miss...their ADA converter is def their best recording product. For the money you get what you pay for...but I love my Vamp and have never come across a Behringer product that wasn't as good as its price point.

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Quote by moody07747

If it mixes down, you won't have great recordings when tracking a live band on stage as usually the bass and vocals are too loud.

When recording, yeah, it does mix down. Stereo recording only (two separate tracks). But I never record more than 2 tracks simultaneously. I only need the "audio interface function" for my own home recordings, I don't plan to record the band I play in live. I need the "mixer function" for 2-3 mics connected to our PA system, which consists of an amp and two speakers. I don't plan on recording my band live.
I'm tight on money and I was wondering if the built-in audio interface will be as good as a standalone interface.
if all you are wondering is if the built in interface will be as good as a standalone unit, then the answer is no. itll be ok and decent enough to use, but the other interfaces you mentioned will be a step up from it. i would try getting both items used so you can fit your budget. not sure how the used gear market is in Poland, but theres always ebay i guess.
That's what I thought... that standalone units would be better, just wanted to make sure. Finding used gear in Poland is hard but we're in European Union and international shipping is nothing unusual in Germany, Great Britain etc.