Hi, I'm probably getting a Les Paul soonish, and I need help decding which pickups to ge, I'm looking at the burstbuckers or 57 classics, but any other suggestions welcome. I have got a Marshall DSL401, but I've got some money spare now, so I might be getting a 50 watt vintage modern, although I have seen a 50 watt MV Marshall JMP100 MKII superlead but I've not decided yet. Here's the sound I'm looking for; I like to use feedback a bit to hold notes and chords, my 2 main guitar idols are Angus Young and Slash, I want my sound to be distorted but clear, I need to have my guitar cut through the mix well when soloing, but for chords I don't want it sounding too harsh.
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IMO, the Gibson humbuckers are overpriced. I would check out manufacturers like RockMonkey, Bareknuckle, Wolfetone, Shed Pickups, Highorder pickups etc.
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