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Roughly 2 months ago I ordered my ESP LTD EX-50 Metallic Silver at RockPalace.com, which is located in Holland, so am I. I still haven't recieved it so I mailed RockPalace to ask where it is. They said that the delivery date is unkown and that they don't have the guitar in-stock.

Question is: Why does it take ESP so long to make and send the guitar? I'm not a patient person so it kinda makes me angry because I've encountered problems with RockPalace before.

Another Question: Is this the fault of RockPalace or ESP/LTD?

Thanks people
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When you ordered, did they say the guitar was in-stock?

Thanks for the reply,

Their website and my order-confirmation said it'll take 2-5 days shipping. When it took longer than one week I asked why it took so long and they answered by linking to the product page, now saying "Available Soon"

Though I doubt this is a mistake from RockPalace, I rather think it is a mistake by ESP
Most guitar companies won't distribute a guitar until they have sufficient numbers to release them, which is why you sometimes see backorder dates pushed back.

Granted I can't imagine that's an extremely popular guitar, and I'm not sure how every guitar company distributes, but I would imagine its something close to what I said above.
it could be either company's mistake. if it said "2-5 days" when you ordered it, i'd be inclined to blame the store. Hindsight is 20:20, but you should possibly have saved the page when you bought it. It might even say it in your confirmation email if you're lucky.

Either way, you've waited long enough (especially since you say they annoyed you before). Get your money back.
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