Get a better pic of the guitar, and look at the placement of the screws in the pickguard as well as the position of your knobs and pickup selector.

If everything fits, you're good.
normally pickguards like that are genericallly designed to fit strats amd the yamahah pacificas, occasionally you`ll find one that fits other types.

it`ll be a far better experience for you to buy a sheet of perspex and under the guidance of a adult use a drill and a jigsaw and make your own.......its stupidly easy
I have an american peavey predator, and I put a pickguard designed for usa strat on it, it was perfect except the screw holes. However, it looks like yours is not american, so I'm not sure. But the pickguard that you're looking at is only 8 dollars, so it's ok to try it.
Ya mine is a International...your right tho..it won't hurt to try.