hey everyone! check out my band Giants Among Us on myspace. link below

We just recorded our full length, waiting to do vocals and get it mixed and mastered then will have pre-orders and new page and stuff setup. All kinds of things will be coming your way. Let us know what you think! the stuff on the page is older music, but newer stuff which you will hear in the coming months is way better. no hype

I recently joined the band as their new 2nd guitarist.

Great space, visually!
Like the new song, instrumental it's pretty ok, the voice there's two types of growl, one that I love, and the other I don't like very much but only because I'm not use too!

take a listen, we're similar genres!

Keep up the good work! Cheers
Thanks man! thats the old version of the new song as well. We just recorded our full length with all new stuff. its gonna be sick!

checking your band out right now!