Hey guys

Looking for a bass head+cab, After playing a few larger gigs recently my 100 watt combo is starting to get drowned out by two guitarists with Marshal and blackstar halfstacks as well as a fully mic'd up and over enthusiastic drummer even when put through monitors and whatnot.

I haven't got a price range of such as of yet, but nothing too expensive, I'm getting, what, £30 (around $45) a week, but much of that is spent on living costs.

Just looking for a few suggestions, anything you guys might have used as your first half stack and so on.

Thanks x
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how about the markbass little mark 250? a kinda cheap, good sounding 250 watt head.
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Ampeg. 'Nuff said.

And with $45 a week he should be able to pick one up in the next 8 thousand or so years too! Good thinking!

This would be a lot easier if you'd give us some kind of rough budget. You don't particurly NEED a stack either, there are plenty of combos that will be loud enough. Have a look for some used Ashdown MAGs, Hartke amps, old Peaveys and that kind of thing.
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