Hey guys, It is that time again for me to start looking for a new guitar. There are two reasons I am looking for a new guitar. One reason it gets really annoying have to change tunings when Im just screwing, i.e playing Skynard than having to detune to play Bodom. And my other guitar just isnt getting the job done anymore.

I am looking at these two guitars, I am only 16 and dont have a job so this is really all I can afford

I would like to know which is the better bang for my buck

Kramer Night V


and the

Jackson JS32T Rhoads

What amp are you using? If you're looking to improve your tone at all, get a new amp.

I understand you want another guitar for drop tunings and stuff. But, I would want to be happy with my tone before that, though. Maybe it's the other way around for you.

Can't say I've tried the Kramer but I have the JS32T Rhoads and love it to bits. Neck and fretwork are great, much better than you'd expect for something in that price range. Sound-wise it's decent, not spectcular. The pickups have a nice warm, middy tone to them but they do get a bit muddy at high gain. Having said that it's not a big deal as you can always swap them out later.
Hope that helps
From those two, I'd probably go with the Nite V. I played one a while back, and if it was in lefty I would've bought it for sure(which is a lot considering I'm a hater of both satin finishes and FRs), but if you're going to be switching tunings a lot go with the Jackson, since the Nite V's got a Floyd Rose on it if you change the tuning you have to adjust the whole bridge or it'll mess up(unless you're just going into Drop D, in which you can get an EVH D Tuna, but you said you play Bodom, so I'm assuming Drop D won't cut it).
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Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.
Thanks for the quick replies

For my amp Im using a Peavey Vypr 30w

Im not looking to be changing the tunings on my new guitar, I am currently playing a Epiphone SG G-400, and everytime I want to play something I have to get out my tuner and tune everything
Ill probably tune the new guitar to drop C and leave it there and use my SG for standard and drop D,
Im kind of leaning towards the Kramer because of the Floyd Rose
Ah, I'd go with the Kramer then.
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Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.
Alright thanks guys,
Ill probably go check them out the weekend
Don't get the Jackson JS. Definitely a beginner level guitar and the quality reflects it.

OP, whats your budget exactly?
Craigslist! ebay! search used! search ibanez! search schecter! search Epiphone! search agile! you CAN find better guitars!
you'd be amazed at what you can find for $500 on eBay and craigslist

Peavey Vypyr 30
$500 thats heaps if youre in america.

Used ibanez prestiges, rg550, rg770, RGA121
schecter hellraisers

etc etc