Hey guys, im a big fan of slashs sound. Im a guitar tech and looking to do some mods to my guitar. Right now I got emgs and they just arnt my style. I noticed the slash appetite for destruction guitar has these pickups:


(thats just neck pickup, bridge is also there)

Do you guys know if this is actually what he uses in his tour now? I just saw him live a week ago even live he has a great sound.

My guitar is more of a shredder guitar its a micheal kelly hex deluxe. Its setthrou mahogany body. Do you think those pickups in my guitar would give a good sound in this guitar. Also do you guys know where I should buy good quality caps and pots? I have slots for 3 knobs so i'd need a wiring schematic/layout to, preferable very similar to what slash uses. Any information is greatly appreciated.

There is so much more to tone than just the pickups. I would look into buying some pedals or a multi effect which has some preset tones and most of them emulate certain artist. I own a Boss GT-10 and I have some GnR and Slash patches. I know the Line 6 is great also and I believe there are patches for it at the site I go to. The bridge and wood of your guitar is not even going to compare to the Gibson or Epiphone he uses. My favorite artist is David Gilmour but I know without a multi effect or a ton of money I could never get his tone.

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Those pickups aren't Slash's. He uses the regular Alnico 2 Pros, not his signature ones.

Also, people chase Slash's AFD tone for years. Something that sounds like a Silver Jubilee + Humbuckers in mahogany + a wah = close enough.
Find out what amp he uses, any pedals, and get some gibson pickups, and your doin' pretty good.


I have a marshal jcm 800 2203. Thats what he used for an amp back in the day. I have a line 6 pod x3 live for effects. I have a custom built wah thats badass. Right now I like everything except the pickups in my guitar. I think their muddy and I like the sound of slashs guitar. So Im trying to get close to it. Do you guys know what these sound like in a guitar thats not a 10000$ gibson and if there is layouts/schematics available.

Also one other question. If I get into a high output gibson pickup like the dirty fingers. If i rig it to the pull vol so I can use it as a single coil does it clean up and sound good. Are these really hot pickups muddy?

So does anyone know where i can get some hq pots and caps and if you recommend these pickups or not

As far as pots and caps, RSGuitarWorks stocks some great stuff. They even have a bunch of custom made old style oil-and-paper caps.
Do all the pickups fit in the same screwholes and cutout normally? Im going from EMGS to those duncans