Hey guys, I have decided that I want to learn how to be good at guitar. (lol) For the past year or so I have barely advanced in my fretted guitar skills if thats what you call it. I have been playing almost exclusively slide guitar. Now I want to be able to play regular guitar really good too. Don't get me wrong I know a few pentatonic scales and tons of riffs/parts of songs, and a whole bunch of slide blues songs, but I can only play one rock song all the way through, solo and all. Led Zeppelin-Living Loving Maid. Pretty much I want to learn a bunch of Zep, Black Sabbath, and Van halen songs. What are some songs by these artists with solos that will be a challenge, but not impossible? I don't expect to be able to play Eruption overnight, or overyear...I know Van Halen solos are really fast so I probably won't be able to play those until after I learn more songs. I also suck and up-picking so any exercises that involve that would also be appreciated. thanks
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Dude your thread is kinda dumb.You learn to play rock just like you learned to play slide..if you want to learn van halen songs,listen to van halen songs and judge which ones are playable yourself.
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step 1. find songs that you think will challenge you in those areas (not that hard to do). step 2. learn them
Paranoid - Black Sabbath
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Hot for Teacher - Van Halen

Learn them in that order and you should be good for continuing your learning on your own. Just pick songs you like and push yourself to learn them.
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