Hi there, I need some insight on what stuff should I practice next, my goal is to be able to play the crazy solos in some songs of thrash metal(Tornado of souls or MOP second solo for example).
At the moment I can play stuff like enter sandman solo, MOP first solo, some acdc (shoot to thrill, back in black) all with solos.
I'd like to start playing more complex and fast solos, however there are tons of different techniques out there, suggestions??
Learn sweep picking. It's seemingly hard at first but once you get the hang of it it's stupidly easy. When learning how to do it, don't think about it as sweep picking, think of it as just slower strumming where you take off you finger off a note after you pick it.
sweep picking, string skipping, diminished arpeggios and legato/staccato technique are some things to practice. try looking at some steve vai videos for the legato and maybe some paul gilbert vids and lessons for the staccato/alternate picking and string skips. He teaches a lot and makes a ton of vids for advice to guitarists on their technique and for learning his songs. diminished arpeggios and sweep picking lessons are everywhere. try getting the metal method DVD or use malmsteen/becker or MAB for a reference. for the sweeps, id say to start really slow like the suggestion above. the picking is in all one direction - down and up. dont alternate pick when sweeping, but stop after every hit note and keep building up speed until you can get it consistant and fast. a metronome would be a great tool to use with sweeps. there are a lot more techniques to learn but it depends where you are at right now. try playing some pantera songs like "cowboys from hell" for scale recitement speed, stging bends etc. the first hard song I learned was viking kong and it took forever to get it to sound alright. try challenging yourself with some really hard songs. it helps for the long run.
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