Naughty girls and naughty boys,
each night tidy up your toys.
Go to sleep without a sound
and good rest will be had all around.
For if you do not cause a scene
and everything appears serene,
the Buggerlug will stay away
for the rest of the next day.

He sounds mean and so he is.
You must beware of his fatal kiss.
Teeth as sharp as butcher’s knives
that nothing caught within shall survive.
He’ll rip and tear and gash and gnaw
and with a swipe of a giant paw
he will leave you bloody, bruised and broken
so may this warning from now be unspoken

The Buggerlug is a hairy beast
who exists only to feast
on unruly children who misbehave
including those who pretend they’re brave.
He will awaken even if you whisper
but will not kill you, if you prefer
to be dragged away to his murky lair
and sit on his throne; an electric chair.

So heed this warning and heed it well,
sleep without fuss or end up in hell.
The Buggerlug is just below your bed.
Try not to worry your itty-bitty little head.