I have an ibanez I want to repaint and I can't figure out a way to do this without taking all the electronics out, so what I was gonna do is take everything out then take the neck off, sand it, paint it, let it dry, put the neck back on, and let guitar center install everything again? or is it much more simple that I think it is?
id just go to a local guitar workshop, guitar center will charge you out the ass and, in my experience, do a subpar job
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yeah... you would probably be better off having a smaller shop doing it

In my experience GC isnt as bad as most people say but independent shops will usually try harder to make you happy and do a better job.

as for pricing, it really depends but i wouldnt pay more than 150 USD
I tried to reinstall electronics myself and failed horribly, so I ended up taking it to a shop after all my effort anyway.

I wouldn't take it to guitar center though. I took my guitar to a local guy, and he installed my pickups and a new toggle switch for $60
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also, if you own a soldering iron you can just do it yourself

there are hundreds of guides on the interbutts and i did something similar to a guitar i used to have

i had to replace the output jack and just decided to do a small overhaul while i was at it, i have woodworking experience so i decided to repaint it but i have no electrical experience and i was able to do it just with guides form the net.
I would never take any guitar to guitar center. Over half the time, the people working don't know shit, and they constantly try and push something on people that they don't even want. But, I guess its possible that I just had shitty luck.
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It's really easy to do yourself, just take a picture of how it's wired so you have a reference to look back on. Also if you're new to soldering I'd highly recommend practicing on something else first.

Check out a few online tutorials on soldering, and go down to radio shack and buy a soldering iron, some light gauged wire, and some kind of loop connector that kinda resembles what's inside your guitar. Bigger blob is not always a better job, in fact shouldn't really have to add any new solder outside of what you dab on to your solder tip to transfer the heat.

I have faith in you, lol

good luck.
guitar center sources repairs out, they guys doing the repairs work for another company
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Do it yourself. It's real easy, or just find someone who has basic knowledge of electronics.
It's real easy.

Or like the Greatbuddha said:
The interbutts has lots of great knowledge available. Also, the great Youbutts can help alot too.
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Yeah, GC probably won't do a good job, and it's not too hard to learn.


Ask there if you have any wiring specific problems or need a diagram. There's also a lot of useful info in the OP.