ok guys hears the deal. i wanna know if a 5watt amp being run through a 4x12 is loud enough to gig with, or if i should get a 2x12 combo amp at 100some watts
a 5watt amp?... i didnt even know those existed... lol but yeah, i mean your tone might suffer a kick to the balls, but depending on the size of the place, go for it.
100 watts is way more than youd need if you want the cranked tube sound 100 watts would be plenty alot more than youd probably need and 5 watts is more of practice amp
i personally like between 50 and 30 watts
i assuming you mean tube amp
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If you're talking about the 5 watt class A tube Amps like the Tiny Terror, Night Train, Dark Horse, etc, then yeah, they're got enough juice to run a 4 X 12 for gigging.

100 tube watts is huuuuuuuge, you have to have it cranked crazy loud to hit the sweet spot, for club sized gigs the biggest full sized amp you'd need is 30 - 50 tube watts.
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