Burning Bridges

Verse 1:
I'm sick of burning bridges,
But they're going all the time.
Look around me and I see that
I've got nowhere left to turn
Walk in silence
By remains of people in the past
When I see them
Then I realize that I've gotta let them burn

Verse 2:
Happens often
Come and go like sands of time
Watching memories bittersweet
Like embers falling to he sea
And I long for
A time when I am on the other shore
But I watch and wish that this was something
That I'd never seen

Verse 3:
Questioned methods
Others always giving strategy
From that side they know the match
Was dropped from my own hand
But I can't hear them because
I know in the end they won't be there
I've been burned and I am charred
But I always find the strength to stand.
I enjoy Music