Both about the same price, do you go with the two 12's? or the tube?

I really need some advice on this?
Just test both of them out lmaoo..

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Can't test both out. The tube is in stock the 100w isn't. They did have a VOX VT-100 which I tried, but I wasn't impressed... really bassy (is that a word?) The Vypyr tube sounded much brighter.
budget is around $500. Trying to stay new. Planning on picking up the pedal if I do get the vypyr. Live in Myrtle Beach. Closest guitar center is Charleston. Roland Micro-cube, Fender american Standard Strat... I think that's everything answered.
i honestly couldn't find a single reason you would want a vypyr 100 over the tube 60. volume wise, they are probably a lot closer than you think. 60 tube watts is loud. my renegade is 65, and it lives with the volume at less than one, and its still loud. the powertubes will help you out quite a bit more than you think.

edit, i found one reason, it is only a 1x12." that however, is still not a good reason.
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Surprisingly they weigh about the same

But I agree, I don't think it would be enough of a difference to want to buy the 100 (212 vs 112 combo)

They also make a 120w 212 power tubed Vypyr. I'd like to try that in the head version on a killer 212 cab.
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