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you are an eyelash
brushing soft against my cheek.
we are walking through the fall
taking in the sights and scents
(kitchen diesel, highway pumpernickel)
speaking perfumes and the lovely little lies
of actors in the auditorium.
we posit and pose, flushing our cheeks with color
to better fit the palette, to keep away the cold
and you speak of
the gerunds you love:
touching, kissing, dreaming,
sleeping, waking, aching
running, running, running.

and yet i do not fear the winter
salacious tongues unwet
and unwed,
do little,
do less.
i must protect my
freedom of speech
through magisterial sidling
away from what it means
to be weaker-than and weakening.

(forgive my diatribes,
slovenly speaking through
three pints of whiskey,
it's not the first or last
or left and leaving but
still, it's just-- )

you are an eyelash,
held you close, made a wish
watched as you were carried
far away from here
on the wind.

i pump'er nickel like im on diesel
the way i feel is magisterial
some people say that i'm salacious but
i know my aura is ethereal -
yeah, i'll get her down in auditoriums
sidle up her pussy like she in a bliss emporium
i dont take that sloppy, nah my bitches aint slovenly
she be using gerunds like she always trynna call on me
licking sucking tittyfucking
spanking slapping bootyclapping
screaming up a diatribe like she dont know what even happen
even her eyelashes are shaking and ive got her fingers snappin

sidle up to me starry sky
eyes, make me some of those
pumpernickel kisses you're so famous for.
in Toronto we sat on a park bench
and listened to the diatribes of the wind
and the birds and
the magisterial
sun beating down,
middle schoolers ran by
proud of knowing what a gerund is,
and that verbs and nouns
can swallow men

do you drink diesel
or gasoline,
starry sky eyes?
do those verbs and nouns swallow you?
your salacious eyelashes
hiding those eyes?
In an auditorium you said once
that you killed the
wind, but
when were you slovenly
when were you
afraid to show the audience
when were you afraid of that
starry sky?
For some reason I loved red

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Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.