so if you are like many guitarists, you've had your metal zone at one point
and at one point in your life as a guitarist, you thought it was the best pedal in the world

well to this day I'm tweaking the knobs to find a good tone out of it, and here is my conclusion:

1) it's 'high gain,' but it doesn't really add any punch or exposiveness when you turn it on from the clean tone. it just makes the sound..... gainy

2) it's actually pretty good on many solid state amps, but a good tube amp distortion feels way more powerful

3) it's not particularly too precious to keep, but I will miss it a bit if I sell it : (

so does anyone know a good tone setting or use for this metal zone at an actual gig with other instruments? or should I just sell it and never look back??

what have you done with YOUR metal zone and what do you recommend I do with mine??
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i personally think they are one of the worst pedals ever made, but i beieve there are some companys that mod them, and a talked to somebody who had one of theirs done and he said it sounded pretty good, but i didnt hear it so
I got it, but at the time I thought the Metal Master was the best in the world, and I Saved up till I got one.

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I've never owned one

BUT, not to say I've never owned a much-disliked pedal.. Hello DS-1, I have sitting not too far from me..
I really thought the thing was awesome when I got it just last Christmas, but I just tried it the other day through my HT-5 just for the hell of it, and it sounds horrible..
either mod it or sell it, or hell just keep it the way it is.

i never sell my equipment if i can help it.
Quote by Kortez3000
Most guitarists have owned one at some point?

ehh... notice i didn't say 'most guitarists' but said 'many guitarists'... i thought i'd be assuming too much if i said 'most'
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Alright here's what you do: Find your dream pedal. If it comes in a really weak casing, swap all the guts of the Metal Zone with the other pedal, and you have a really badass pedal in a tank of a case. Here's a little flowchart:

1: Get amazing pedal
2: Swap cases with Metal Zone
3: ???
4: Profit!
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My MT-2 is sitting somewhere... in my closet I think.

It's not terrible. A lot of people get frustrated with it and label it as shitty, but that's not the case. I actually sat down with mine over the course of 3-4 days, and dialed in everything I could, and found some very good tones. If people actually took the time to find settings that worked well with their amps, then it wouldn't have such a bad name.

I was running mine through my Peavey Royal 8, that was my old setup. The Royal 8 is an all tube amp, so yes they do sound good through both tube and SS amps.

It's an extremely difficult pedal to EQ. Every time you adjust one knob, the tone of all the other EQ knobs will change, so you really do need to spend time with it to get it to sound good.

TS, you could mod it if you have some cash to spare. But you have to ask yourself: Will you actually still use it? Mine is collecting dust, because it pales in the face of true tube distortion. They're a good tool for people who can't afford gainy tube amps, but now that you have relatively expensive gear, do you really see yourself going back?
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Boss pedals are awful in general (unless you can get your hands on an older Japanese-made one)

send it to keeley to be modded