Ok i got the new zack wylde soderless set and put everything in its right place but i came along some minor and major problems in the process.First of all i have a problem with the pots,they seem too long.Now with the big problem...i set up everything as it was instructed by the the instructional but when i play theres practicley no sound at all on the clean channel and when i turn on the distortion its sounds weak.(I however havent connected the pickup selector because i cut it by mistake -_-.However im getting a replacment soon.)
Sounds like something isn't wired right, grounding/shorting. Check to see if there are any wires touching where they shouldn't be.
As for the pots, do they have 2 nuts on them? If so you can use one nut and a washer on the inside of the control cavity, and the other nut and washer on the top of the guitar, and adjust the inside nut to get the pot to the right height.
is the volume up all the way ?
do you have a new battery in it?
is all your soldering done well ?