Hey all!

This is the finished version of an assignment for year 12 composition that I did a few months back - I'll be heading off to Uni soon to study either composition or music and teaching - based on Barbershop quartets.
We were given guidelines to follow, including voice ranges, roles of voices, score layout and so on, and were given the option to re-create an administered song (from memory, it was Clementine River or something similar) or pick one ourselves; tossing between Protest the Hero and Spice Girls, I decided to pick Twinkle Twinkle. I had already studied an article by Matt Kirsch - a brilliant musician who I wholeheartedly recommend checking out - in which he explained methods of how to jazz up the famous tune, so I took some pointers and added my own knowledge of harmonies, voice leading, arranging and so-on; a BIG thanks to that article though!

The piece is very short, so if you're looking for a nice quick crit on one of your pieces, this is an easy one to get a return on - jump in!
If you're a casual lurker, however, I hope you enjoy the piece, and thanks for listening!

Crit for crit, and as always, the more you write, the more I write. Cheers!

EDIT: Re-uploaded a file after putting up the wrong one by mistake - whoops!

Clippers, Clippers, Little Store final.gp4
Clippers, Clippers, Little Store final.mid
Clippers, Clippers, Little Store final.gp5
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I don't know much theory, so I can't really go in-depth here... And really, knowing it was one of your pieces, I knew there would be very little to criticize.

The feeling of going from A I to A II is just perfect... And I love how everything slows down after A II...

I mean... What else can I say? This is genius. It reminds me of a Mario level of sorts. I love how happy and upbeat it is...

EDIT: Actually, I find it a little weird that in bar 29, you play the exact same chord as you did in bar 28... It kind of threw me off since I was expecting... Well, something different. The added bass notes aren't really enough for me. But, that might be a barbershop motif or something So eh I dunno.