Hey guys,
Im interested in buying a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 and wanted some opinions from people who own one about the kind of tones you can get out of it. Im after cleans (nothing too perfect like a fender twin reverb) all the way up to death metal distortion. So my question is, How well does this amp do that? I dont mind having to put pedals in front of it if I have to, but i'd prefer to have an idea of the tones before buying one.
Cheers guys
with an OD it can do metal pretty well but it can be a bit fizzy but that might work for death metal i agree that a 5150/II will be able to do those sounds a bit better
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I've played through and 5150 and 6505+ before and while I loved the distortion, the cleans to me were really lacking which was disappointing. Is it worth paying the extra $1000 for an ENGL Powerball to get the best of both worlds, or is just running pedals the better option?
I love my TSL100. I play everything from country to hard rock and it does it just fine.

for death metal you may need a boost, but I guess that depends on the exact sound you are looking for.
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the TSL can definitely do death metal, especially with a boost. mine never sounded thin with high gain...
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While I haven't tried a TSL, I had the chance to play a DSL for about an hour recently.

It was very straightforward - you can't get a whole lot of tones, it's kind of right there in the classic/hard rock territory. For that, it excels. But IMO, it had just mediocre cleans, and it couldn't get very close death metal tones. Passable high gain tones tones, but intense gain is not what it was built for.

If you're looking for death metal tones, I'd look elsewhere. Marshalls in general aren't really geared toward that without boosts. I agree with the 5150II/ 6505+ suggestion - that sounds a lot more up your alley.
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I've got the tsl 60, i really don't see a need for more distortion tbh. It can get plenty of it for chuggyness. If you use way too much distortion then you can fizz up your sound and get lost in a mix easier :/

and IMO the cleans are pretty good.
Please tell us what tones are most important to you. Because just saying that you need versatility doesn't help much. Also, depending on where you are located, better (or more suitable) amps might be available for an equal or lower price than the TSL. It's a versatile amp, but it doesn't excell at everything. That's why we need to know exactly what you play.
The most important tones that I need to create from an amp is first and foremost a deep gain that doesnt lose clarity and sound overly muddy, since I play lead guitar in a technical deathcore band, but I would like cleans that arent horrible either. They dont need to be standout especially since they wont be used live, only for bedroom use. Im in Sydney Australia as well
The TSL would fit the bill, though it wouldn't hurt to consider other options.
If you dislike the cleans on the 6505+, maybe look into the Engl Fireball 100 (new version of the Fireball, just came out this year). It's great for anything metal and the clean-channel is very versatile and high quality. It's a tiny bit dearer than a 6505+ or TSL100, but worth it imo.
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I've got the tsl 60, i really don't see a need for more distortion tbh. It can get plenty of it for chuggyness. If you use way too much distortion then you can fizz up your sound and get lost in a mix easier :/

and IMO the cleans are pretty good.

I've got the same amp.....I did change speakers and tubes and it sounds great....and has a very cleans! On the combos the lead channel is anything but Thin!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
Cheers for the help guys. I'll have a look at the ENGL and see how it stacks up next to the TSL

The TSL cannot do anything close to Death Metal for 1 bloody second. I own one and anyone that professes the TSL can do more than hard rock has a very vague view of death metal, or any kind of metal. The TSL can't really do any metal rythm in general, it has absoloutely no chug whatsoever.

Though it does take distortion pedals very well. Mix distortion in the gain stages and you get a nice metal tone, though you will need a noise suppressor to control the amount of noise it will create.