I seem to always sing in the completely wrong key, and things that sound consonant to me sound dissonant to others, or the other way around. My ears are horrible in the bass range because I always think my bass is in tune and other people tell me its not. I don't think I can recognize intervals either, except the difference between a major 3rd and a minor 3rd in a chord. Can anybody give me some advice on how to fix my ears? I don't think its impossible, Robert Fripp claims he was tone-deaf and had no sense of rhythm when he started playing the guitar. Please help me out!
Tone deaf means you can't differentiate between pitches at all. You can do this, ypu're not tone deaf.
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Well, when I sing it's horrible to other people as well. Because I can't sing any note right. A lot of people have this.

But for hearing if your instrument is out of tune and recognizing intervals, i can do that. Because that is very trainable if you play an instrument. Just listen to songs, try to play them with only listening to them (not using tabs). Then check how other people play it and check tabs. If you're on the same page as most of them, you're good. It needs training. NOt everybody is a frickin victor wooten or jimi hendrix
Good ears dont come naturally for most people.
Have you tried actual training? Like interval & chord recognition?

But it might also be something with your ears.. like blocked passages for example. You could go to the doc to have a check up, but I'd only consider that as a last possibility.

A good rule of thumb: "If you have difficulty with something, it probably means you need to practice it more, *not* that you are born deffective.
Simply put, you probably just suck at singing. I'm not trying to be mean, but if you cant hit the notes you cant hit the notes. Just try to work on it more. Eventually you will be able to do it.
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You can't be partially tone-deaf... you either are, or you aren't. Furthermore, you're just like most people: you haven't spent time developing your ear enough.

Firstly, don't worry about what's dissonant to you and what's consonant to others. That's a very subjective thing.

Secondly, keep playing, and keep up your aural training (or start if you're not).
If you were tone deaf you wouldn't even be on this site because guitar and music wouldn't sound like anything worthwhile to you.
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I didn't know that my guitar was out of tune at first either. It comes naturally with time. Always tune your bass (and guitar) with an electronic tuner before playing it. This way, you'll get used to hearing pitches in tune. You can't really force it.
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well i've been playing harmonic/melodic instruments for a year and percussion for 2 years and i practice like 24/7. the thing is, people do tell me i advance fast as far as like theory and technique, because when im jamming with people who've been playing longer than me i seem to know more about music theory and most of our instruments' techniques than they do, but its just when i try to write things without theory in my head, like i have a riff in my head i want to figure out, i just can't write it. i can recognize the difference between minor, major, diminished, and augmented chords and thats pretty much it.

i guess i really shouldn't freak out if my ears aren't moving along as fast as i am as a musician over all, but its been really annoying me lately. i can hit notes, my voice has a pretty large range, its just that i can't figure out WHICH note im hitting. like it sounds great to me in my own head but then when i get external criticism it turns out it must've sounded different to everybody else. im usually like half an octave out of key, like im singing the tritone of every note im trying to hit (i'm not completely sure abt this, i've just been comparing my voice to a keyboard), so it can sound pretty bad when in my own head it sounds fine. does this make sense?

and i know a few people who say im a good singer, but i think i just sing differently depending on who can hear, usually im just in the completely wrong key...