I recently got a new custom guitar and I am so confused about the neck profile. BTW the the neck dimension of my guitar is 1st fret: 2.1 cm, 9th fret: 2.5 cm. I don't have much knowledge about neck profile so I am wondering if that dimension meet standard profile or is it too thick. I feel uncomfortable when trying some songs those required using thumb for low E string muting. Can anyone shed some lights on this topic?

was that you that asked the same question on agf? as people said there, it's not an unusual neck size - it may be uncomfortable for you, but that doesn't make it an odd size, although it could make it the wrong guitar for you if it's not comfy.

you will get used to the size of the neck pretty quickly if you just play it for a while instead of worrying about it. i'm 5' 3" with smaller hands, and yet my favorite guitar neck is the seagull s6 neck, and it's one of the deeper necks around. either sell it or play it every day for a few weeks so your muscles can get used to the different size. if it's uncomfortable at that point, might as well just sell it, but give it a fair trial first.

i take it you did not order this custom guitar yourself. if you did, the point isn't whether it's an unusual size - but simply uncomfortable, and if it is, talk to the builder at once.
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I am a fingerstyler, and I play four guitars all with 1 3/4'' necks. It is easier for me to do several things easier with the wider necks. That is not imply they are all alike.

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