I've seen many people stack two distortion pedals(sometimes one distortion and one overdrive pedal).What are the advantages?Does it improve the tone?And would 2 distortion pedals or an overdrive and a distortion would be good?
i use a bad monkey overdrive, a EHX big muff, and a compression pedal to get my solo tone. The amount of gain is unreal. if you are a sloppy player, its gonna make a lot of noise. But with a lot of practice it sounds really sweet.
I used to do it heaps but I didn't run them together - one for rhythm, one for lead and put them close enough so you can hit them both at the same time.
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If you play cleanly you can get some cool sounds with 2 distortions, and if you play sloppy then you get some pretty crazy Muse/Nirvana type sounds.
But, its usually best to stay away from using two disortions
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It depends on the character of the two you are stacking. I love running my Dist+ into my muff for Gilmour sounds, but my Dist+ and Rat together are just a garbled mess of fizz. There is no right, and no wrong, its just another way to make sounds.
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I wouldn't stack 2 distortion pedals.....but a distortion pedal and od pedal yes. I have 2 od pedals om my board but the only time I use both is when I have to be quiet but still want a big overdriven sound.
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