So I've been not playing guitar for the week due to a pain in my smallest knuckle in my fretting hand.

I thought it could be RSI, but as it hasn't fully gone I'm wondering if I've pulled it or something like that.

Has anyone had anything like this? I'm worried I've done something serious to my hand. I think I must have done it at band practise, I stretched a little bit far (For me) and I guess that's what it is.

It's been a week though, so I can't see why it wouldn't be okay now. Also the side of my knuckle can be sore when pressed on.

Really I'm just looking to see if anyone has any help on this, I can't really rest it anymore as I have to play for college.
Don't try to play anything. Rest your hand until you get to your doctor; nobody on the internet can tell you what may or may not be wrong with your hand, but your doctor will be able to.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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