yo, im trying to pick a guitar but its soooo hard to choose the right one.

im tossing between the schecter hellraiser solo 6 and the damien elite solo 6.

i cant really tell difference all that i can tell is that damien elite is cheaper than the hellraiser, if you know anything about the difference with these guitars is can ya help me out ?

They have different sized necks, and the Hellraiser is gloss/painted while the Damien is not. So at that point, it's best to just play both and figure out which feels better to you.

Also, I'm not positive on this, but I'm fairly sure that the Damien has a maple neck, while the Hellraiser has a Mahogany neck. That actually makes a bigger difference than you would think. The Damien will sound a lot more balanced due to the mahogany body and maple neck, while the Hellraiser will sound much more bassy since both the body and neck are mahogany.
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alrighty cheers for that i cant play the damien because none of the music stores here have it and my dads buying me the guitar from america so much cheaper than the ripp off bastards here 1800 from the stores here D: so, yeah i might go with the hellraiser i think might suite me and my playing better.
I use to want both of those guitars.

The Hellraiser Solo-6 has Active EMG 81TW/89, which are essentially the same as the Damien Solo Elite's 81/85, just coil-tappable.

The Hellraiser has an ultra-access set neck, and the Damien Elite has an AANJ Bolt-on neck. The upper fret access is pretty equal.

In terms of neck thickness, I'd say they're pretty close to the same. The Damien Elite's is a little flatter and the Hellraiser has a touch more round chunk to it.

Then the differences are pretty much are in the looks; Hellraiser has a red quilted maple top with abalone binding and the Damien Elite has a red flamed maple top. I think they both have abalone inlays.

The bridge on the Hellraiser is locking, which I find annoying.

Then the differences would be the mahogany neck vs a maple neck...

Hope I helped.
argghhhhh so hard! ahaha i think i might go with the damien. if i dont like it sell it for the price it is here in aus and buy a hellraiser aahahah
If anything, the Damien is like a Hellraiser-Lite for lack of a better term.

If you have the option, I'd definitely go with the Hellraiser. It's a higher quality guitar overall and has more possibilities. You'd be surprised how helpful coil-tap is. I haven't found a set in stone use for it with my guitar yet, but I could definitely use it for something.
if you have the money for the hellraiser then i'd probably push you towards buying that guitar because it is of better quality as r0ckth3d34n said. unless you prefer an unpainted bolt-on maple neck?
I can't tell which I like more; unpainted bolt-on necks or the lacquered necks. I like my Schecter's lacquered neck way more than I like my Dean's unfinished bolt-on neck. I sanded the clear coat of the Dean's neck, and it's a lot smoother. It was pretty sticky, but Schecter necks seem to have a pretty slick lacquer...
i found another schecter the blackjack atx solo 6 omg i fell in love now. ahaha love the seymour duncan blackouts!