Hey Guys (& Girls)

was wondering if any of you fine people would help me with trying to find the amp settings or Mr. Mustaine, but his modern sound as in Endgame and United Abominations.

Im Using My Custom tele with the Dave Mustaine Live wires ( so im closeish already)
& a Randall RX25RM

Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated
Amp settings will not help you because you are not using his amp. Every amp sounds different so even if you know his settings, you will not sound like Dave.

Get Dave's amp and then look up his settings, and you'll get somewhere.

Just set your amp to where it sounds good. If it doesn't sound good no matter what you do, save up and get a better one.
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from what i know, his tone is something like this:

gain: pretty low for metal.
bass: not too much, but not completely absent.
mids: **** yeah, full on!
treble: lower than mids but higher than bass. somewhere in between.
presence: pretty high.

that's how i'd dial in his tone. but remember, most of the tone lies in the fingers, and just because you have his tone, you might sound closer to it it you try yourself.
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