...and well I've come down to 2 choices. Jackson King V (Specifically the KV5FR) and the Dean Dave Mustaine Signature line (Either Angel of Deth, or Gears of War Graphic) Both guitars are around the same price, about 1,000 each and I'm on the ropes about which I want. Nearest Guitar Center is about a 1 hour drive and I only want to make that commute to pick up the guitar. Plus, they don't carry the 2 guitars.

I'm really asking for advice and the ups and downs of each brand. I played the VMNT at my local music store and was thoroughly impressed by its playability and the sound. Though I played a Lower end Jackson KV (JS series) and was just as impressed even though the guitar was quite cheesy.

I mainly play metal, though I tend to play some jazz (why I have my Strato ) here and there. But back on topic, what should I get? Both are pretty sweet guitars and I'm just confuzzled on the purchase. Thanks for the help
Almost all the Jacksons I played while shopping for a V were bad in one way or another, so I find it hard to recommend one of those. I've got the silver VMNT and it's a top-notch guitar, but the other two I played were meh. Definitely try the Dean before you buy, and the Angel of Deth finish is so much better than the Gears of War one.
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Well I personally think the KV is better than the Dean. (Though the Angel of Deth is still a great guitar)

If I'm not mistaken the Dean comes with a TOM bridge, but you're also looking at the KV5FR

I need to ask if you plan on changing tunings often, if that's true then you may want to avoid floyd roses and go for the Dean (Or a hardtail KV5, i think those exist :P)
I can't help but point out that you can get the Gears of War guitar a lot cheaper than the Angel of Deth guitar, but if you can get the Angel of Deth, go for it. VMNT's have yet to disappoint me.
Called up Guitar Center and they said I could try there Angel of Deth. Guy said if I wanted to try a King V I coud order it to the store and if I didn't like it just return it. Thanks for the input. ))