love the guitar that John Feldmann plays in this video but i can't figure out who makes it. the headstock reminds me of older BC Rich headstocks but the "R" isn't there. the body is some type of firebird copy. anyone care to take a guess or give me the correct answer? here's a link to the video:

Man, it's probably a custom made axe.

Also, that music reminds me of Nintendo games. lol
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Looks like a Gobson Stratoblaster to me
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Really? I thought it looked more like Funder Las Pool to me

Kinda looks like a Ibonoz RG
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It's no joke.

I think its a Musacmin Oxis.
schlicter fireraiser?
Cyanide Drip

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no guys, it's a epiphany flying A
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Dark Black Rivers in the WinterTime
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No guys, I think it's a DERK A DERKKKKKK.
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I think it's a rickerbanker
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don't quit your day jobs boys.. your jokes aren't that funny.

This. Is no-one going to help this guy?

On topic: I think it's a fenson telespaul strundlecastle pisshat.
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Wait was a Gibbleson Jagmachine mentioned? I think that might be it, but with a different pickguard.
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