Hi i'm looking to get more pedals for by bass rig. at the moment it goes squier p-bass/line 6 variax bass to an ashdown compressor and frontline distortion to a laney linebacker into a custom-made cab. im looking at a Bass PODxt Live, and to part exchange for it. its £180 in a shop, and they will give me £125 for my squier+hardcase and an old kustom amp i have, and the distortion. i havent tried throwing the compressor in yet but i reckon ill get £20-£25 for it, is it worth it to do this? i dont use the squier too much and the pedals are a bitt naff. whaddya think?
Well, since you said that you don't use your Squier much and you don't really like the pedals, from what I got out of it. I would say go for it, I've played on some of the POD's and I think they are great for amp emulators and the Pi Big Muff is replicated very nicely on it.
Sounds like a pretty terrible deal. Sell your gear privately, and look for a USED POD.
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