pv10 mixing board..usb into computer audiacity is my recording program

sx300r pre amp for guitar plugs into the mixing board
dcm1000 power amp for guitar pre amp

my question is...when i use distortion.. its extremly crunchy in a bad way..it doesnt sound good clean its ok..its got a upgrade duncan pick up on it.. i have to mic the guitar when i use it distortated

another thing is the clean channel has a buz in the recording..it gets on my nerves.
Are you using an impulse when recording from the preamp?

Also, could you post a clip of the clean buzz so I can hear it?
Its the "Buzz" clip on my profile

im not sure what you mean by impulse. heres the best thing i could think of to say

output to guitar amp +4 dB (theres also a -10 dB setting) goes into line in the mixer

speaker emulation balanced 3 prog plug plugs in to power amp
the mixer has no sound..i use my power amp and speaker for the preamp for guitar only

settings for guitar are all at zero cept the effects thats way down gains at 4 volume is at 6 on mixer

preamp distorted treb and mid at zero bass 4 drive is 10 with high gain volume is 2
the clean is really lower i have the power amp at 9 don't know why its numbered backwards lol but its over half way just a little
So you aren't recording from a speaker cabinet but recording directly from the head to the mixer? In that case you need to use an impulse to get decent results. By that I mean using a piece of software like Boogex http://www.voxengo.com/files/VoxengoBoogex_15_WinVST_setup.zip with a .wav file of a speaker impulse like this one http://catharsis.supremepixels.com/impulses/awesome3%20-pulse.wav

You then insert Boogex on the channel you recorded on and use it to load the .wav file.

About the buzz, it sounds like you have the gain on the mixer too high. Try turning the amp up when you record so you don't have to crank the volume on the mixer.
so i could use boogex for all my guitar and maybe even vocals? and load into a different program..one that works better then audacity?

i havnt got it yet..my winzip is expired. will this make it hard to do dual guitar and vocals? i record everything on boogex frist then load it into audacity...thats how i did the drums in darkness but i used hydrogen..it was way to much work lol
Boogex isn't like Audacity, it's a plugin. It's basically a speaker simulator. You have to use Audacity with it.

I'm not sure how it will sound on vocals since it's a speaker simulator but you can give it a try.