Hey all!

Ive been looking around for a ''kick-ass metal guitar '' for some time now ,and i stumbled across the DBZ Bird of prey. A little info. DBZ is a new guitar brand made by the founder of Dean guitars, Dean B. Zelinsky. They should have amazing reputation.

Anyway... Ive read review about the guitar, and its super sweet people say. Now... i live in Denmark, and no shop here sells DBZ. A german music store called Thomann sells them, but how can i try the guitar if it doesnt sell in Denmark? and will it be expensive in shipping and customs?
To be honest with you, unless you're buying a USA and not imported model, you would be throwing your money away.

You should look into ESP, Jackson and Ibanez. Cliche, I know but they make decent guitars that aren't ridiculously overpriced because some guy feels like it.
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I live in Iceland, suffering from your same problem but a much worse case. Sucks
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