hello all, am a new member here and i really need help on how to re adjust my PRS tremolo bridge on my santana 25th model guitar. the guitar came with factory strings of 10.5 gauge strings. i already asked PRS tech center and they advised me that since i intend to put a lower string gauge like .008 or .009.5 they advised me to re adjust the bridge. now here is the problem. i live in bangladesh and we DO NOT have any proper guitar tech center and since i have to do this on my own i have no clue as to how to approach this. i dont understand which screws to turn and everything. please can someone guide me through this thoroughly with pics or even a video would be really helpful.
you got the same bridge as my prs SE. i needed to adjust the bridge when i first changed the strings on it aswell. i used what they said on their website which was:

If the tremolo bridge is not floating 1/16" off the body, remove the tremolo back plate. Adjust the claw screws about 1/4 turn at a time until the bridge floats perpendicular to and about 1/16th off the body. Tune to pitch and check, re-adjust until the bridge sits properly. When the tremolo is adjusted properly and the guitar is in tune, the tremolo arm will raise the low E string pitch to F#: no more, no less.

remember to loosen all the strings when you make any adjustments to the screws! then re-tune and check the height.

also if you tighten the screws the bridege goes down, if you loosen the screws the bridge will lift up.

here is the link to the prs guide on their website

hopefully this is what you were looking for....sweet guitar btw :P
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