I'm looking for some good presets for the V-Amp 3, because i'm not king of the world when it comes to settings. Excuse my bad english, (i'm 15 years old and from sweden).

My personal, best lead setting for the V-amp 3 is:

Volume: FULL
Bass: FULL
Treble: 10-11 O'CLOCK
Presence: FULL
Gain: FULL
Midi: 16
Drive: 1
Cabinets: 3
Reverb: 3, 'BOUT 10 O'CLOCK
Noise Gate: 15
Configuration: 52

I play with a Les Paul Standard, mostly on the bridge Alnico Pro II. Rhythm is also Alnico Pro II.

What i'm interested of is presets like AFD (Appetite For Destruction), Jimmy Page kinda bluesy sound and a good clean sound.

Any ideas? THX
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I find that if you use this setting you can get a good AFD style tone:
Amp: Hi Brit 100
Volume: about 3 o'clock (almost full)
Bass: Around 2 o'clock
Mid: 4 o'clock
Treble: same as Bass
Gain: 4 O'clock
Presence: Full
Reverb: 6 about 12 O'clock
Config.: S 1 (the five is actually an S for 'studio')
Effects: Compressor about 1 O'clock for both parameters
Cabinets: 13
Midi: 2
Drive: 1
Noise Gate: 7

Clean: Bank: 5/25 Button: D (Calif. Compressed)
Blues: Bank 16/25 Button C (BlisteringBlue)
I play a strat affinity series with a modded insides and a Modded Venom Strat Copy
Hope that helps, I'm also looking for some setting as well. Skellyton 465
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