Hi there.

I've decided that I'm going to get a guitar and learn how to play it. I know some basic chords but that's about it.

I like most kinds of music and I expect I'll be playing very wide range of tunes. Classical, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Blues etc.

I considered getting a ~200 € steel string acoustic guitar, but dedided against it as I don't want to disturb the neighbours when practicing. The walls a thin . The only other options I see is to either get a Yamaha SLG100S for 500€ (no way) or find a decent electric guitar and an amp with a headphone jack. I want entry level stuff, but not toys. Got a budget of about 200€.

So here I am, posting in the Electric Guitar subforum of the first guitar forum google gave me. Seems to be a good one. At least the threads I read when searching for information about buying my first guitar seemed very informative, but unfortunately not tailored to my specific needs.

I saw some recommendations for the Fender Squier strat, so I'm leaning towards that at the moment. Found this on Thomann.de http://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_squier_bullet_strat_hss_bundle.htm . I know the amp is probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but keep in mind I'll be using headphones 95% of the time.

Other suggestions are very welcome. Even acoustic guitars, if they come with a means of silencing them a bit

Thanks for reading.
your neighbours would get annoyed by accoustic guitar? that suck man :-(

i know theres alot of hate for the squire strat but its alright to learn on. another option maybe to go for the entry level yamaha strat-like copies. Also instead of getting an amp that your not going to be able to play through, you might consider getting one of those vox plug in amps that you connect headphones too e.g http://www.nevadamusic.co.uk/Musical_Instrument_Accessories/Mini_Amps/sc1220/p6806popup362.aspx

i dont know how good they are, however it might be something to consider
Thanks. I'll do some research on the Yamaha models. Will definitely check out the vox plug in amps. I don't want to spend money on an amp if I can get something cheaper and handier.
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Yamaha 112v is a great budget guitar but will leave you little for any sort of amp except a dedicated headphone amp.
Cort make decent Strat-like guitars from about €150. Still doesn't leave much for an amp but at least as good as that little Fender.
That Squier pack is not the worst option. It won't fall apart and will let you hear yourself.
Going used is an option. You can get a used Vintage V100 (Les Paul) for about €140 and a Roland or Peavy 15w amp for about €75. is that too much over?
If you feel tempted by any other brands of guitar or amp, check back here for advice.
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Go to the nearest guitar store, look for the stuff in your budget, and find something that feels good.
ain't nothing wrong with a Squier, except maybe the Bullet, as far as a starter guitar goes
Okay, so I have done some more research and come up with this:

I'm gonna skip the Squier Bullet /w Frontman 15G bundle. I'm raising my budget to around 300-350€. The reason being that I really want a good quality guitar. I was going to get a new LCD monitor, but I'm scratching that. Don't really need it.

The amp that has caught my interest is the Roland CUBE 15X for 77€. It has good reviews as a practice amp and the headphone out and power-squeezer are exactly the features I need. Any cons I should know about this amp?

I'm still somewhat lost on the guitar though. I'm looking for something in the 200-250€ range. Not quite willing to get a used one at this point. I read up on the Yamaha 112v, but it seems many people are complaining about fret buzz (not completely sure what that entails, but buzzing is never good in my experience). Also checked out the Cort X-2 and the Ibanez GRG170DX, but it seems they favour metal above clean sound, which is not what I'm looking for. Ideally I'd like something with low to medium action and able to play a wide range of sounds, with jazz/blues/classic rock being more important.

Any suggestions in the 250(+-30)€ area are welcome.

EDIT: I did some browsing and found a guitar that struck me as something I might want. The Jackson JS20. Allrounder. Positive reviews. Only 276€, so total price with the amp is 353€. With accessories and shipping it comes to 400€. Thoughts on the JS20 in combination with the Cube 15X?
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I don't know how good or accessible used equipment is in your area but you could step up the grade and get more for your €. The Cube 15x is a great starter amp but the 30x would be better.
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Used stuff is not easy to come by in my area. There's no Ebay or Craigslist here. I'll try to keep my eyes open for any nice looking deals.
fret buzz is an easy fix with a decent guitar setup. get one of the better Squiers, the bullet is bottom of the barrel. you should be able to get a Squier standard series strat for the money you are talking about. the roland cube is fine for a beginner practice amp. at the beginner level there really aren't any cons per se. the amp will work for you until you get better at playing and want a better amp.