I'm looking for a decent practice amp for under $100, what's worth buying? I haven't shopped for solid-state amps in years.
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Roland Microcube series are pretty good for bedroom rocking. They've served me well at the price you're looking for.

Bear in mind though you won't get anything really great for under 100 bucks....
It will be for bedroom play/practice only. OD and reverb are my only requirements really.
My Gear:

Fender 62 RI Stratocaster
Epiphone Les Paul Standard+
Fender Supersonic
Boss DD-3 Delay
Boss OS-2 OD/DS
Martin 000-28
Washburn D10s
Check out the new Fender Mustang. I would recommend the Vypyr but IMO the OD tone is a little grainy. I haven't tried the Mustang but the web videos make it look promising.
If you can bump up your budget to $150, you can find a Peavey Vypyr 30 used, which IMO is the best practice amp you can get right now. It mercilessly slays all of the other little modeling amps out right now in terms of amount of effects, amount of effects useable at once, versatility, and general sound quality.
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Yeah the new Fender Mustang sounds about 1000% better than most modelers, but I won't know if it's better than the VT or the Vypyr until I see more demos or play one.

The Fender Fuse software looks promising...especially since it comes with its own version of Ableton Live to layer your tracks and create your own music.
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I'd describe the Vipyr as an acquired taste. Personally it's tone doesn't send me crazy, but to be honest the best way to decide that is to get out and play one for yourself.
used section at your local store. only way to do it. i picked up a crate gx20R (or something like that) a few years ago for $50. overdrive was a bit weak, but decent reverb and decent cleans. throw a decent pedal in front for your gain sounds (i used a tubescreamer not setup as a boost) and it was a decent practice setup.

honestly, little deals like that are your best bet. some old, cheap, beat up amp sitting in a corner somewhere has your name on it. go find it
Used, you might find a Vox VT15. That'd be my choice for hat budget. You might be super-lucky and score a Fender Vibro Champ XD for $100. Not likely, but I've seen stranger things happen.
If it has to be new, probably a Peavey Vypyr 15, since it's one of the few actually decent practice amps in that price range. Most other amps at around $100 are pretty lackluster. The Fender Mustang is new and looks promising, though I haven't tried it yet.

EDIT: Maybe a used Epi Valve Junior and a used OD pedal of some sort? That can be done for around $100.
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First post here. I know you guys hate them, but I just picked up a Spider IV 15 for around $100. Good clean tone and nice distortion channels. Works fine for practice.
I actually went out and got it because I'm working on a soundtrack for a movie, and needed something cheap and quick to lay down a few guitar tracks with. Ran out of the headphone jack straight into Cubase and tweaked the tone with some VST's. It actually sounded pretty good and the director was happy with it.

Update: I've been mostly using this amp with some Sennheiser HD 180 head phones that cost as much as the amp. Lately been playing through the speaker and noticed the Metal and Insane channels sounded slightly muddy as compared to the sound through the headphones. Going to swap in a 4 ohm Jensen C8R and I'm pretty sure that'll cure it. The CR8 seems to get good reviews. Still happy with the amp and for most people the stock speaker is probably just fine.
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